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Buckethead 2006 "I got all sorts of cans.." - it sucks unless I say it doesn't [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
pop must stop

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Buckethead 2006 "I got all sorts of cans.." [Sep. 19th, 2006|10:02 am]
pop must stop
[mood |satisfiedsatisfied]
[music |Jealous of the World by Descendents]

we left at around 12:30 we arrived in Detroit at 5:40 and got to the venue by 7:15 PM thanks to the fine Detroit taxi cabs that take forever to arrive lol.

pretty shifty area but there was quite a long line for Buckethead so lot's of people around.. First thing I saw was a guy with a shirt that said Axl Sucks- couldn't agree more!

once we went in I went to Will call and got our tickets "15 BUCK(ETS) ADMISSION" hehe.

the venue was nice- better than the opera house that's for sure. Daniel and I had a beer and proceeded to the merch table to buy the new CD (crime slunk scene) and t-shirts and I bought one for Josh because his dad wouldn't let him come with us.

We then proceeded to watch That1Guy play his magic pipe, amplified boot, and saw it was incredible- plus his lyrics were very remeniscent of Tom Waits.

Once his set was over we decided to rush the stage and get some good positioning for the Bucketed one and we found a nice spot where we waited for him to come in..

When Bucket took the stage the crowd went crazy and he went into some sort of Colma-esque Nun Chuku Kata with That1Guy playing Bass it was quite a change from the regular bass stylings of Dan Monti!

All of a sudden he went right in Crash Victim and that's when the headbanging started and never ended.. Here are the songs I remember

1. Nun Chuku Kata (colma style)
2. Crash Victim
3. Gory Head Stump AKA Hook and Pole Gang

Bass Jam with Buckethead sitting down on his toy bucket playing Bass!

4. Post Office Buddy
5. Jordan
6. Mad Monster Party (new song backing track)
7. King James (new song backing track)
8. Soothsayer with Paul Stanley Intro "HELLO TORONTOOO!" (holy shit this song was taken to new realms of kick assitude)
9. Interworld and The New Innocence/Animal Behaviour
10. Revenge Of The Doubleman
11. Haunted Mansion into Evil Snow White Music
12. Pinchface talks to the audience


1. Pinchface Karaoke
2. Dream Girl
3. That1GUy solo
4. Stickpit
5. Stun Operator
6. Can I Have A Ride
7. Brother's Gonna Work It Out/ Machine Gun

I know there is more I can't remember :(

I do know that Buckethead was malfunctioning especially during the 12 Days Of Christmas melody he played he seemed to get stuck on the pre chorus :D

he also played Hog Bitch Stomp, Pure Imagination- during Stun operator he palm muted for the first section and then took out a cleaver for the hammer on part.

he shook some guy's hand in the front row he also had a head on a rope that he was swining like a pendulum!

so after the show Daniel and I decided we're going to meet the man so we go to the back and proceed to wait for 1 1/2 hours while talking to his friends about Horror movies, Japanese anime/obscure, and music.

and there was even a cute girl-bot waiting!

info we found out: they are going to talk to Bill in NYC about Praxis, Deli Creeps would be hard to do, Buckethead now has 2 vans for all his bots to ride with him, That1Guy wants to make an album with Buckethead and he is a totally nice guy- his friend confirmed they are discussed it last night. Buckethead's hands are insanely big. They don't come to Toronto because it's "complicated". Buckethead doesn't go on youtube.

other than that they were very careful what they said and they tried to make it seem like he wasn't coming but finally he emerged and I got autographs from the whole band and pictures :D

after we left we got posters from the pizza place for free and the bartender seemed to really like Canadians (they were drunk on their inferior beer) We waited outside for a cab that never came while homeless people swarmed us- one of them was amusing though he had a box full of Caulk and spraycans and asked for money and said "c'mon I got all sorts of cans" that became the line of the whole trip.. He then came back with a cane "I hate it here man- I don't wanna live on the street, you wanna buy a cane for your sick grandma or aunty". It was good Security was watching out for us from the Pizza place and then Linus passed us except he was black man carrying a blanket sucking his thumb at 3:00 AM. Finally they called us another cab and we were on our way to our dive of a hotel..

All in all an amazing trip and all the people that didn't come are noobs and forever will be noobs :D


[User Picture]From: nerdy_chipmunk
2006-11-07 05:04 am (UTC)
Post photos from Leah's birthday!
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